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How to customer used ?

To access the internet service; Web, Email, FTP, MSN ect. is need to get login and authentication.
User is no need setting up or allows block pop-up

Automatic Web Login Authentication
1. User click web browser and enter site address on address bar; it will redirect to a login page asking for entering Username/Password/Bandwidth
as picture below

2. Entering Username and Password on the Internet Card and press "Login" button then a system will send them to RADIUS server to get an authentication

After Username and Password being accepted, system will open a website that you have specified on a first login page that helps you to promote or advertise your products or business. It will also display a small window showing Time Using Counter.

If customer wants to finish using internet, click "Logout" button

If user closed the popup window that display internet using time, Time still running and user still online until no traffic or data transfer to user's computer within 5 minutes (adjustable) the system will be logged user out automatically. If user is not click log out button but shutdown and turn the computer on within 5 minutes, no need to log in again. A system will automatically log in for user but if User shutdown computer and turn it on more than 5 minutes (adjustable) after shutdown computer without click log out button, User needs to enter username/password as normal

Network Diagram

How to check usage time
Open Internet Exploer and brows to URL :
See picture below

System will show you a date - time of using internet
Item Session start time Session stop time Session
1 17-02-2005 / 13:50:56 17-02-2005 / 13:55:40 00:03:02
2 17-02-2005 / 15:35:26 17-02-2005 / 15:36:23 00:00:56
3 17-02-2005 / 17:15:32 17-02-2005 / 19:15:21 01:59:49
User: r3
Usage summary from date 01-01-2000 to date18-02-2005 = 2:3:47 Hours
All ToTal Usage summary : 2:3:47 Hours

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