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Update ! Best Solution for Hotspot & Wirelesslan Network


Loadbalanc Multiwan .

- Lisg v2.50 can used multiple wan , in this case can used primary link & backup link with static ip and PPPoE Conection .

Reason of granting License for you to install a server by yourself.

- Worry free on server down such as bad sector HDD, malfunction of mainboard, CPU, RAM. You can make your own server and run internet service for your apartment, hotel. Moreover, it would help to provide faster speed, satisfied your customer.

- You will understand how to separate traffic between WWW users and Online Games users.
- No monthly service or annual service for server maintenance

KKTHAI LISG V2.5 Software : Solution for Services Apartment, Hotel , Hotspot System

Is a network management system including Billing/Accounting for broadband internet service over Ethernet system (HomePNA, VDSL, Cable Modem, ADSL, IP-DSLAM, UTP and Wireless) our software is a user friendly with Web GUI software.

KKTHAI LISG Hotspot Software Solution for Services Apartment consist of 2 core modules
Core Gateway and Billing Module

Core Gateway
This feature will running as an Internet Gateway, DHCP Server, Limited Bandwidth Rate, MRTG Monitoring, Firewall and Network Sniffer. It will help to get most efficiency internet service and immediately troubleshooting when problem occurred.

Billing Module
Easy and user friendly Billing module that could be designed in many packages by usage time or payment method such as by hourly, daily or by Prepaid or Postpaid. It needs to be controlled or get authentication before using internet. Customers must have username and password to login the internet service. You can view the report and print out an invoice to customers with easy and accuracy.

No.1 . UserName : room001 Date : 01 January 2005 01:01:02 - 01 November 2005 23:59:59

Internet Post Pay Cost by Hour Low Cost 1 Hour Price 10 Bath
No. IP Address Date Start Date Stop Total Price US$
1 20-03-2005 / 13:25:49 20-03-2005 / 13:26:00 00:00:10 10.00
2 20-02-2005 / 13:25:18 20-02-2005 / 13:25:31 00:00:13 10.00
3 20-01-2005 / 12:00:00 20-01-2005 / 13:15:00 01:15:00 15.00
Total 35.00 US$


Network Management for Service-Apartment & Hotel Solution

Connection type : can be used with both Wired and Wireless

Core Gateway Features

Limite Bandwidth / Traffice Shapper

  • KKTHAI LISG Software can limit the internet speed for each users like 128kbps, 512kbps or 2mbps avoiding the bottleneck that would have an impact to an Internet Gateway. It allows a smoothly bandwidth flow and controlling Down/Up stream speed like 256/128kbps, 512/256 kbps,128/128 kbps.

WAN Multi Routing with ip policy route

  • KKTHAI LISG software can be added WAN Interface to add more additional internet connection.
    our software will isolate the traffic for any application to different internet connection
  • Quality of Service, by adding Multi WAN would help running many applications that need a low response time for instant Game Online or VoIP without any problems.

Transparent Proxy

Transparent Proxy will help users access website faster especially with most often visiting websites. It helps to reduce bandwidth usage of Internet Gateway and also control the speed when downloading files for download sites

Traffic Monitoring

  • Traffic Analysis for WAN : You will know the congestion of Internet Gateway on graph diagram so that you will understand when and how much bandwidth you need to increase or manage the bandwidth for each user within a minute.nalysis for WAN :

URL FilterBlocking

  • You can block any website you want

Easy Management

  • You can manage via Web Browser from anywhere in the world just only install DDNS sitename.no-ip.info and access KKTHAI LISG software whenever you are on the internet no matter on Serial Modem(56K) or Remote Access Dial in.

Database Back-up

  • Daily Back-up: Daily Back up ensuring your data will not lost from any problem on your hardware. The daily backup will bring your data to the server on our Data Center Backbone 24 hours a day or you can FTP your own server with script backup database automatically everyday or at the certain time you defined.

Billing Features

Easy Automatic Login Method

  • Web Login: just open a web browner and enter desired URL the login page will appear, users just enter username and password.
  • All Internet Application Lock : Without logging in the internet, user can't access VPN, MSN, ICQ, Game-Online etc. Users need to get authentication first
  • Usage Time Status: User will see usage time from popup window.
  • Usage Summery List : : User can find the usage time record
  • Web Password Change: User can change a Password from web browser

Auto reconnect

  • Auto reconnect + Password Memory : when disconnected or turn off computer and turn it on again within 5 minutes, it will automatically reconnect without entering username and password.
  • Auto Disconnected : when turn off a computer after not log out or close the popup window, it will be automatically disconnected after 5 minutes reached.

Two Type of Service

  • Prepaid Card: You can create by hourly, daily or monthly. This is suitable for apartment and condominium.
  • Post Paid : You can charge user after their use of internet, suitable for hotel or wireless Hotspot Provider that want to charge for internet service in the room to hotel's bill.

Service Package

  • You can create usage package into different type as follows;
    Usage Time: charged by time using hourly, daily or weekly
    Or as specific type upon required

    - Monthly, daily or weekly
    - By certain period (Hour) and charge by monthly bill
    - Limit usage time, price and expiry date same as Prepaid Phone Card.

    Package A -> 10hrs 100 valid 15 days
    Package B -> 50hrs 300 valid 30 days
    • Expiration since first logon: Specify expiry date of the user account after first log in
    • Session Access Limit: Specify a certain number of user for the same account or multi log in
    • Bandwidth by user : A speed of the package
    • Qos Download speed / Upload speed Bandwidth by user : A speed of the package

Aotomatic Generate Account

  • Single Account: Create account by each one account
  • Auto Account: Auto Account: You can create many accounts you want at one time especially for Prepaid that need to create as many account for printing Prepaid card.

Mac Address checking Security ..

  • MAC Address Filtering Cover package :
    Creating an account and define it with MAC address of user computer
    - The advantages of this feature are;
    You provide an internet service in the room and charge per month. You need to ensure a security of log in procedure if like user gives username/password to the other user who is not pay for using internet service. Mac address checking security would help you to do the job. User will need both username/password and specify MAC address with log in

Wall Garden & Advertising URL

  • Wall Garden: You can allow Web URL that user can access without log in. This is useful for making publication on adding a link or picture on Login page.

HomePage Re-direct

  • Re-direct to any website that you want to be displayed at the first when login successful.
    An advantage for those wants to promote their website.

Report Postpaid Billing

  • displays report, status of all services, easy and convenient for collect money

    No.1 . UserName : room001 Date : 01 January 2005 01:01:02 - 01 November 2005 23:59:59

    Internet Post Pay Cost by Hour Low Cost 1 Hour Price 10 US$
    No. IP Address Date Start Date Stop Total Price US$
    1 20-03-2005 / 13:25:49 20-03-2005 / 13:26:00 00:00:10 10.00
    2 20-02-2005 / 13:25:18 20-02-2005 / 13:25:31 00:00:13 10.00
    3 20-01-2005 / 12:00:00 20-01-2005 / 13:15:00 01:15:00 15.00
    Total 35.00 US$

Training & After-Sale Service

Training & Question

  • You will receive a training and troubleshooting from our service team. ( KKTHAI LISG team will install the system on your site)

After Sales Service

  • Helping you on usage of the software, troubleshooting and free telephone support, MSN, ICP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

System Requirements [ PC Server ]

  • CPU: Pentium II 300 , or 2.0GHz Intel Celeron/Pentium4 or AMD AthlonXP/Sempron
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Drive: 80GB-2TB ( Scsi or IDE , SAS, SATA)
  • Video: On-board vga card Or PCI, AGP Vdo.
  • NIC Card: 2 x 10/100Mbps ( WAN , LAN )
  • CDROM , Keyboard


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