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LISG V2.5 Hotspot Software, A special Hotspots/WISP version of our market-leading RADIUS/AAA server, that lets hotspots providers easily and profitably offer wireless Internet access to customers, while eliminating the overhead associated with customer provisioning, authorization and accounting.
Kkthai-LISG CD

Easy Software for your Hotspot Solution: Internet Subscriber Gateway

Download document " Howto Install LISG V2.50 " download { English Version}

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KKkthai LISG Hotspot Software is an
operating system for management your network and make your hotspot system ,billing Internet prepaid,postpaid for coffee shop,apartment, hotel
 LISG Software has two module

Core Gateway

This feature will be performing as an Internet Gateway, DHCP Server, Limiting Bandwidth Rate, MRTG Monitoring, Firewall, Proxy Server and Tools. It will help to get most efficiency internet service and immediately troubleshooting when problem occurred

Billing Module

Easy and user friendly Billing module that could be designed in many packages by usage time or payment method such as by hourly, daily or by Prepaid or Postpaid. It needs to be controlled or get authentication before using internet. Customers must have username and password to login the internet service. You can view the report and print out an invoice to customers with easy and accuracy.

Most important for network system for internet service at hotel, apartment is bottleneck traffic that would effect when many users use internet at the same time with limited bandwidth you have. LISG Software helps you manage and allocate bandwidth to each user with hassle free.

KKthai-LISG software is being developed during the past few years since our first service launched in 2004. we currently have our dealers and customers from hotel, apartment and corporate that installed our lisg. Our teams aim to developing the software to meet all of your needs.

  Strong point of Kkthai-LISG V2.5
No any other software to be needed to install
No problem with pop-up blocker
Limiting bandwidth per user over web admin
Self-installed Firewall, protecting virus or URL filter
Enhancing Web surfing speed with Proxy
Unlimited users creating for both Postpaid or Prepaid Card type
Easy to use on Web Base Style
Cost effective, buy and install your own
Use first, pay later or immediately bill, summarize and report to user.
Load Balance Multiwan
Mac Address / Limite BW Support
 Our services
Provide LAN, Wireless system
Software development
Install and management operating system ( Unix,Linux,Windows)
IT Outsourcing Services
Install network , Core Switch , Cisco Router,3Com, Intel Solution.
Provide Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Lan 1-30 Km.
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